Our Production PROCESS

There are various methods of production we use to produce your branded teamwear, spiritwear and branded promotional items. We’ve broken down the specifics of each process below so you can better understand the premium services we are providing you.


If you’re looking for more design flexibility than screen printing but lower costs and a shorter turnaround time than full sublimation, spot sublimation may be the best choice. “Sublimation” refers to the matter phase-transition of a solid directly into a gas. For both full and spot sub printing, we use a fancy ink-jet printer with special dyes to produce transfer sheets with your jersey design. That transfer sheet gets put directly onto the garment fabric and is heat pressed. That rapid temperature change triggers the sublimation of the printed dye – it becomes a gas, transfers to the fabric, and then quickly sets. And that’s how the magic happens!

So what’s the difference between full sub and spot sub?

Glad you asked! Full sub jerseys are exactly as the name implies – the the jersey is fully printed. We’re able to do this because the dye-sublimation process happens before the garment is sewn and assembled. Spot sub printing happens after the garment has been assembled, so at this point we can only apply printing to areas where we can lay the garment flat. Also, because of the nature of dye sublimation printing, we can generally only do sublimation on white fabrics. Even full sub jerseys are really just white jerseys with all-over dye-sublimation printing!


From team spiritwear to family reunions, Compound can fulfill your screen printing needs!

  • Hundreds of apparel options to print on
  • Specialty Inks
  • Pantone Matching
  • Custom Tagging Available
  • Design Assistance
  • Rush Orders Available

When it comes to apparel printing, screen printing is the industry standard for superior quality. Most graphic tees sold in major retail stores have been screen printed. The process is designed to make garments bold in appearance yet cost effective at the same time.

Today, screen printing is accomplished by making a mesh stencil (called a screen) for each color that needs to be printed. Screens must be lined up (or registered) and printed on test sheets to ensure that all of the colors line up correctly. Inks are then pushed through the screens one color at a time onto the apparel. Finally, each piece is run through a large dryer to cure the inks.


The embroidery process begins with an idea or a piece of artwork. That artwork then has to be “digitized” which is the specialized process of converting two dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. The digitizing computer software will allow numerous machines to embroider (stitch) the logo/design repetitively onto the various garments.

Once the digitized art has been created, our embroidery machines are used to create the designs on textiles. This process is often used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. It is also used in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel.

Take your branded merchandise to the next level with custom embroidery!

  • State-of-the-Art Embroidery Equipment
  • Puff, Tackle-Twill and Fashion Threading
  • Custom Patches
  • Apparel, hats, backpacks and more
  • Custom Design Assistance
  • Pantone Color Matching available


Our state of the art print / cut vinyl machine allows us the ability to produce unique sticker cutting technology allows us to make even the most intricate cut patterns. And, our proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure your stickers will look exactly how you want.

We also have the capability to print custom indoor and outdoor signs for your business, event or to promote your team sponsors.

  • Unlimited print color options
  • Custom print and cut options
  • Custom signs
  • Another advantage
  • Whatever else




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